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DITA paint dress

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This dress in Oeko-Tex® certified recycled polyester knit, V-neckline finished with a pretty cinched tied waist. The straight skirt highlights the silhouette. Knee length.

Stretchy and feminine, the fabric does not crease. Its colorful print in rainbow colors will get noticed! Its feminine cut will give you a dream size!

🌿 An OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 fabric has been controlled at each stage of processing: raw materials, threads, dyeing. It does not contain chemicals harmful to health.

Sizes: From 36 to 44 or custom-made for larger sizes

For any custom order, send us your measurements by email after placing the order according to the size guide below.

Made in Paris


95% recycled polyester Oeko-tex® certified
5% elastane

It washes very well in the machine at 30° or 40°. No need for ironing.

The best way to dry this material is also the simplest: in the open air on a hanger! The big advantage of this solution, apart from its simplicity, is that there is no need to use a tumble dryer... And this is another energy saving and therefore an additional boost for the planet.

🌿 This model is made to order for a responsible approach

Fiber Properties

- Resistant
- Does not crease
- Easy to maintain
- Fast drying
- Zero waste

How do I take my measurements?

Size guide
All our clothes fit pretty well, you can take
your usual size or refer to the guide below.
You have a doubt and want to be advised?
The guide below will allow you to find the correspondence
between the different sizes we use for our clothes,
and make the link with your measurements.

Bust: at the fullest part of the chest (without tightening)

Waistline: at the thinnest point (belt)

Hip circumference: at the strongest point (hips)

36 38 40 42 44

In cm 1 2 3 4 5

Chest 86/90 90/94 94/98 98/102 102/106

Size 66/70 70/74 74/78 78/82 82/86

Basin 92/96 96/100 100/104 104/108 108/112


How to take your measurements correctly? 

Need help ?

If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to send us a quick email to, we will be happy to answer them!

How does the pre-order work?

So that the collection is produced to act in favor of a circular and sustainable economy, we will assemble the pieces in a French workshop located in Paris which employs around thirty mechanics putting all their technical know-how and skills at the service of projects. ecological and personalized textiles. Local manufacturing which allows profitable production to be maintained in France.

For this, we need a minimum of orders for this collection to exist.
By ordering this exclusive model, you become an actor in more beautiful and more responsible fashion. In this way, you are participating in a real change in the fashion industry for years to come.


100 Pieces on Pre-Order
Order this piece and receive a surprise and a gift 🎁


Delivery is free from 150 euros of purchases.

For products in stock , delivery takes between 2 to 3 working days in France and can take up to 10 days in other countries.

For made-to-order and custom-made products, allow 10 days for manufacturing before shipping.

For pre-order products, allow approximately 30 days for manufacturing before shipping.

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

You wish to exchange or cancel your purchase, you can return your item to us within 14 days of receipt.

Once the return is received, the refund is made within 14 days.

Satisfied or refunded, even for made-to-measure!

See the general conditions of sale


♻️ Recycled PET, rPET or recycled polyester is a material obtained from the recycling of surplus materials. For the most part, these materials come from the recycling of PET bottles, and to a lesser extent from industrial leftovers of polyester or clothing.

Given the millions of tons of PET waste in the world today, recycling this plastic material is vital for the planet.

rPET is used both for the manufacture of packaging and for the creation of clothing. After a recycling process - which does not involve oil extraction - the yarns are produced with which the recycled polyester will be made which will be used to weave ecological clothing. Its use helps reduce the impact on the climate. It is therefore recycled, but also infinitely recyclable.

In practice, there is no difference between traditional and recycled polyester. During the recycling process, the fiber is reconstituted at the molecular level, which means that recycled polyester is as strong, durable and has the same properties as classic polyester.
The only difference is in their respective ecological impact.

♻️ The Global Recyled Standard® (GRS) label guarantees recycled textiles while respecting environmental and social criteria. In the case of recycled polyester, it ensures that the clothing fabric comes from plastic bottles.

As for the environmental aspect, it determines the absence of certain toxic additives in clothing, as well as correct management of residual water. As for the social aspect, it ensures that companies offer dignified working conditions to workers in their factories.

This therefore makes it a low-impact raw material, beneficial for the climate, according to a truly circular economy.


Recycled PET has many benefits when it comes to the environment. Here are some examples of its main virtues:

Its manufacture does not require new oil extraction. It reduces the textile sector's heavy dependence on oil, as well as its demand. It generates 75% less CO2 and requires less energy than virgin polyester.

Its ecological footprint is much smaller and it helps to strengthen new streams of recycled materials.

It reduces the amount of residue. rPET prevents plastics from ending up in landfills, and therefore helps reduce toxic emissions in recycling plants.

It is durable, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, environmentally friendly and economical. It offers good color fastness, quick drying and is stain resistant.

In summary, recycled polyester is not the solution but it is one solution among others to act in favor of more responsible fashion and to reduce environmental impact.


Contrary to popular belief, recycled polyester is more expensive than virgin polyester (around 30% more). One might believe that using waste helps reduce costs, however, waste collection is not free, processing is complex and on the other hand, the price of crude oil is not enough high to compensate.

Due to its resistance, it is a garment that you can wash many times and that you will keep for a long time!

An ethical gift

To thank you and for your commitment to a better world, a nice surprise awaits you!

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Consume less, but consume better by wearing quality clothing that you won't see on everyone!

Phalaenopsis favors labeled or recycled natural materials (for synthetics) and relies on the Oeko-Tex ® label: that is to say that our fabrics do not contain any chemical residue that could present a health risk.

Some of our fabrics are upcycled: they have been recovered to give them a second life.

Phalaenopsis only produces in very small series or to order in order to avoid overproduction.

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