The essence of Phalaenopsis

So that each of you can find happiness in fashion, Phalaenopsis is an inclusive fashion through creations in standard size or customizable tailor-made, thus offering you the possibility of dressing in a unique and ethical way with recycled and responsible materials 🌿

At Phalaenopsis , it is the cuts that adapt to your shapes! Each model is made to order or in small series; you won't see these pieces on everyone.

Be Unique with Phalaenopsis !

A tribute to femininity, a unique style

The one who initiated Phalaenopsis fell into rags since her early childhood alongside her paternal grandmother and she made it a passion.
Textiles, nature and all its imagination gave birth to Phalaenopsis , created in 2004, paying homage to nature and its beauty.

“I wanted to bring another look to clothing in order to offer a style free from trends for unique and timeless fashion.”

The creator

My collections are an invitation to connect with nature in order to preserve it and give meaning to what we wear.

Each of my creations promotes women and their body types with a single goal: the desire to feel beautiful and good every day while respecting the environment.

Each outfit is designed to respond to every moment of a woman's life and to stand out thanks to clothes that you won't see anywhere else...

The colors and materials are carefully chosen to combine harmony, comfort, femininity and durability.

The union of two passions

Phalaenopsis is the story of a lover of nature and flowers where plant energies and the beauty of materials blend

It is also the story of a passionate sewing enthusiast promoting the quality of French know-how.

“Elegance is an attitude. It's marrying opposites with subtlety, adding a bold touch, taking care of details. Elegance is this ability to create the inimitable. »

French made

I design, create and manufacture each piece in French workshops located in Paris and Nice.

50% of manufacturing is carried out in Paris.
50% is designed in a Nice workshop.

The materials are of French, Italian and Portuguese origin and selected with the greatest care in order to offer you quality products with unique materials and at affordable prices.

A more responsible fashion

Quality and respect for the environment are my priorities. All the fabrics I use are Oeko-Tex “Confiance Textile” certified: controlled manufacturing, respectful of the skin. They do not contain any chemical residue that could pose a health risk.

All fabrics are labeled and manufactured with a responsible approach.

Some fabrics are Upcycled .
That is to say that they were recovered to give them a second life. Upcycling all the way:
Scraps of fabric become headbands to match your outfits!

All my creations are also available tailor-made with our personalization service .

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How are our clothes made?

Clothes only last a few seasons, we end up with outfits that get damaged after only being worn a few times. By using organic and certified materials, I allow my clients to see fashion differently, to keep their clothes longer and to have a positive impact on the planet!

Fair prices

From the moment I unroll the fabric until the moment I cut the last thread, there is raw manufacturing time: the time I take to imagine the cut, to draw, to choose the appropriate fabric. to make the prototype and to do the fittings to finalize it. After the sewing, there is the whole production and communication part. Then, you have to print the labels and then send the orders.

This is the whole process of "making a dress". Its fixed price is a fair price respecting the value of each stage of the trade.

Why choose Phalaenopsis?

You will inevitably find a piece at Phalaenopsis because the cuts are designed to dress all body types.

All my models are made to order or in small series. No waste, no unsold!

Choosing Phalaenopsis means choosing a more thoughtful, ecological and local fashion; and thus, give meaning to fashion and its purchases.

Our mission ?

May each customer be delighted when she puts on one of my creations while acting for the planet! 🌍

So be sublimated and in harmony with outfits that look like you!

Ready to enhance your femininity?