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SEACELL t-shirt

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This Tencel® and SeaCell® T-shirt is Oeko-Tex® certified. You will succumb to its unique and revolutionary material. Round neck, short sleeves.

Its qualities are beneficial for You and for the planet: anti-bacterial, thermo-regulating, activates cell regeneration. Its material is soft and will bring you absolute comfort.

🌿 An OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 fabric has been controlled at each stage of processing: raw materials, threads, dyeing. It does not contain chemicals harmful to health.

Sizes: 1 to 5 or custom-made for larger sizes

For any custom order, send us your measurements by email after placing the order according to the size guide below.

Made in Paris


77% Lyocell® certified oeko-tex®
19% SeaCell®
04% elastane

Lyocell and SeaCell are easy to maintain, they can be machine washed at 30° or 40° and do not require ironing.

The best way to dry this fiber is also the simplest: in the open air on a hanger! The big advantage of this solution, apart from its simplicity, is that there is no need to use a tumble dryer... And this is another energy saving and therefore an additional boost for the planet.

🌿 This model is made to order for a responsible approach

Fiber Properties

- Resistant
- Wrinkle-resistant
- Easy to maintain
- Soft and light
- Thermo regulating
- Regenerating and antioxidant
- Anti bacterial
- Biodegradable
- Ideal for sensitive skin

How do I take my measurements?

Size guide
All our clothes fit pretty well, you can take
your usual size or refer to the guide below.
You have a doubt and want to be advised?
The guide below will allow you to find the correspondence
between the different sizes we use for our clothes,
and make the link with your measurements.

Bust: at the fullest part of the chest (without tightening)

Waistline: at the thinnest point (belt)

Hip circumference: at the strongest point (hips)

36 38 40 42 44

In cm 1 2 3 4 5

Chest 86/90 90/94 94/98 98/102 102/106

Size 66/70 70/74 74/78 78/82 82/86

Basin 92/96 96/100 100/104 104/108 108/112


How to take your measurements correctly? 

Need help ?

If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to send us a quick email to, we will be happy to answer them!

How does the pre-order work?

So that the collection is produced to act in favor of a circular and sustainable economy, we will assemble the pieces in a French workshop located in Paris which employs around thirty mechanics putting all their technical know-how and skills at the service of projects. ecological and personalized textiles. Local manufacturing which allows profitable production to be maintained in France.

For this, we need a minimum of orders for this collection to exist.
By ordering this exclusive model, you become an actor in more beautiful and more responsible fashion. In this way, you are participating in a real change in the fashion industry for years to come.


100 Pieces on Pre-Order
Order this piece and receive a surprise and a gift 🎁


Delivery is free from 150 euros of purchases.

For products in stock , delivery takes between 2 to 3 working days in France and can take up to 10 days in other countries.

For made-to-order and custom-made products, allow 10 days for manufacturing before shipping.

For pre-order products, allow approximately 30 days for manufacturing before shipping.

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

You wish to exchange or cancel your purchase, you can return your item to us within 14 days of receipt.

Once the return is received, the refund is made within 14 days.

Satisfied or refunded, even for made-to-measure!

See the general conditions of sale


🌿 The manufacture of Lyocell begins with harvesting the wood, which often comes from eucalyptus or oak. This wood is broken down into tiny pieces, then chemicals are added to dissolve it into a wood pulp. Lyocell is also naturally biodegradable and compostable, but there is much more to say about why it is sustainable.

The production process for this fiber is what we call a "closed loop": It is a manufacturing process that does not create by-products. The dissolving chemicals involved in its creation are non-toxic and can be reused endlessly, meaning they are not released into the environment once the process is complete. Amine oxide, which is one of the solvents involved in the production process of Lyocell fiber, is not harmful and can be reused many times.

🌿 SeaCell™ is a fiber made from Icelandic marine algae. Fibers are made from renewable resources. They are natural and untreated. These Icelandic marine algae come from natural algae fields. They are harvested in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Only the upper part of the algae is harvested, which allows it to grow back naturally. The harvested algae are then roughly chopped, ground and mixed with cellulose fibers.

The mixture with Lyocell® gives rise to an innovative material which provides a pleasant sensation of softness on the skin, while nourishing it and offering a thermo-regulating, breathable effect and is also biodegradable.


🌿 Tencel® is absorbent, breathable, fluid, very soft and silky, it allows good color retention over time. You may wonder why this has a positive impact not only for you, but also for the planet. Well, the fact that it's breathable means that the garment doesn't absorb odors as quickly as other fabrics, so you don't have to wash it as often. Fewer washes saves both water and energy.

Despite its resistance, this fiber is simultaneously soft to the touch and light. It has excellent temperature regulating properties as well as moisture absorption qualities. Its breathability, on the other hand, creates an anti-bacterial effect which makes it a perfect fabric for people whose skin is sensitive or prone to irritation.

🌿 SeaCell™ softens and cares for the skin. The substances contained in algae ensure great comfort. SeaCell™ algae is exceptionally soft and supple and suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks to their high antioxidant content, they are gentle on the skin and activate cell regeneration. This is enabled by the natural moisture of the skin. In fact, it releases vital substances from algae which interact with the skin.

In addition to local and responsible production, seaweed clothing represents a real revolution. As said previously, upon contact with moisture in the skin, an exchange of active ingredients takes place. Algal fiber releases, among other things, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and the many minerals it contains within it. With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic, antibacterial properties that prevent itching and other irritations, this is a truly revolutionary fiber.

The mixture of SeaCell™ and Lyocell® creates an innovative product. This blend is light, breathable and ensures optimal temperature regulation even in extreme heat.


To produce Lyocell you need specific technology, which makes the manufacturing process quite expensive. Therefore, Lyocell ends up costing more, compared to traditional fibers like cotton.

In simpler terms, Lyocell is more expensive than other fabrics on the market. But because of all its great qualities and durability, it is actually considered an investment.

If we think in terms of sustainability, Lyocell wins. More resistant than other materials and almost wrinkle-free, it is therefore easier to maintain: it requires less time for washing and ironing. So, in the end, you will keep it much longer!

Thanks to the benefits it brings to those who wear it, SeaCell has numerous virtues that make it a revolutionary material. Due to its rarity on the market, its cost remains high. Take advantage of our pre-order price and enjoy its benefits for your skin. Invest in a high-quality product like you would buy the latest fashionable cosmetic cream!

An ethical gift

To thank you and for your commitment to a better world, a nice surprise awaits you!

Our engagements

Consume less, but consume better by wearing quality clothing that you won't see on everyone!

Phalaenopsis favors labeled or recycled natural materials (for synthetics) and relies on the Oeko-Tex ® label: that is to say that our fabrics do not contain any chemical residue that could present a health risk.

Some of our fabrics are upcycled: they have been recovered to give them a second life.

Phalaenopsis only produces in very small series or to order in order to avoid overproduction.

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