A Unique and 100% eco-designed collection

New and innovative models

Our lovely Phalaenopsis brand will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year!

The brand is renewing itself and taking an accelerated turn in order to create eco-responsible collections entirely produced from ecological, certified and labeled raw materials from nature and/or recycled.

For this occasion, we have created a unique collection created from textile fibers with innovative properties , having a real ecological impact , produced in a closed circuit or even biodegradable such as Ecovero fibers, Naïa fibers, Seaqual algae fibers and SeaCell, Pinatex pineapple fibers, orange and mint fibers, and even recycled PET.

The production of the models will take place in a French workshop located in Paris which employs around thirty mechanics putting all their technical know-how and skills at the service of ecological and personalized textile projects.

Local manufacturing which allows profitable production to be maintained in France.

By ordering our exclusive models, you become an actor in more beautiful and more responsible fashion. In this way, you are participating in a real change in the fashion industry for years to come.

The collection will be available as a Pre-Order. We will only produce the quantities necessary to act in favor of a circular and sustainable economy .

We are counting on You so that Phalaenopsis May we continue to grow and inspire women for years to come!


  • milk fiber

    It is obtained by processing expired or uneaten cow's milk.

    Biodegradable, clothing made with milk fiber is also compostable and recyclable .

  • Algae fiber or SeaCell

    This magical and revolutionary textile is very soft, wrinkle-resistant and promotes the evacuation of humidity.

    This new generation fiber has an effect on the skin worthy of the best cosmetics.

  • lotus fiber

    The lotus fiber is obtained thanks to the fibers of the stem hidden in the water. She has incredible qualities . Soft, waterproof and antiperspirant, it is even more precious than silk.


This collection of 25 models will be available in the form of Pre-Order which will make it possible to produce the quantities necessary for a circular and sustainable economy .

Standard sizes available from 36 to 44 but also made -to-measure !

For any order:

  • A baby plant 🌱
  • Gifts 🎁
  • Free delivery from 150 euros of purchases.

Be a force for positive change in the fashion industry by ordering exclusive designs you won't find anywhere else!

Unique and Ethical Models

Fall for qualitative and beneficial pieces for you and for the Planet!

All our models will be machine washable.

  • The ALYSSA trench coat

    Chic and pleasant to wear, this timeless piece will highlight your everyday looks by bringing contrast and elegance to your silhouette.

    Its material is so soft and light that you will never take it off!

  • The EDEN pants

    Soft and light, these pants will become an essential in your spring wardrobe.

    Wear it dressed up or down!

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  • The PINA t-shirt

    Very soft and so pleasant to wear, this t-shirt can easily be worn with jeans or paired with one of our pants or skirts. Fall for its unique material and protect the planet!

  • The LOTUS sweatshirt

    So soft and light, this sweatshirt can be easily worn with jeans for a trendy and casual look. Fall for its unique material and protect the planet!

How are our clothes made?

Clothes only last a few seasons, we end up with outfits that get damaged after only being worn a few times. By using organic and certified materials, I allow my customers to see fashion differently, to keep their clothes longer and to have a positive impact on the planet!


  • The GINA jumpsuit

  • The AURA shirt

Together we can make a difference!

This Pre-Order is a real springboard for Phalaenopsis to continue to create and offer collections that increasingly respond to the climate challenges of today and the future.

Your commitment will allow us to invest in the research and development of new ecological fibers , to renew our production with more environmentally friendly techniques and to develop ever more eco-responsible collections.

You can be proud to contribute to a better future for our planet and for future generations.